ZAA107/ZAP104 Assessment 3

For the final assessment of the term for ZAA107 (Principles of Quality Management), we were to base it on an issue that is effected within our workplace. I chose my current workplace and an issue that is not too large compared to most business issues – however, has a major impact.

During this process, I spoke to colleagues about this particular issue to gather their opinions. I also had conversations with my manager about this particular problem and started to understand it from their point of view.

Using the conversations I had with those I work with as well as analysing during my shifts more in depth about the issue, I created the following pieces addressing it in different ways.

I have attached a PowerPoint Presentation on the issue, my analysis’ towards it as well as recommendations.

A business report based on the issue, analysis and recommendations (similar to PowerPoint Presentation)

A flow chart undermining the different problems and the ultimate resolutions.

A ‘5 Why’ chart displaying the causes to discover the root cause.

A business pitch/idea as to why a recommendation should be taken place.

A mind map on a recommendation and why it would beneficial to follow.

PowerPoint Presentation: MACq 01 Hotel – Lost Revenue

Business Report:  Ebony Taylor – ZAA107 Assessment 3

Flow Chart: 

flow chart


5 Whys: 

5 whys

Business Pitch:
Implement the use of iPads/Tablets for the lounge

The use of iPads/Tablets by wait staff in the lounge would be very helpful. It will allow the wait staff to take orders from guests and ensure payment for that order is completed as soon as possible with the use of the iPad/Tablet.

These devices can be either stationary or portable – wait staff could walk around the lounge taking orders from guests/customers and either charge to their room on there, paying with EFTPOS or with cash (cash payments would require using change from the Maitre’D desk – or wait staff could carry change pouches in their aprons)

There would be a need for 2-4 iPad/Tablets within the lounge, two (2) to be charging at all times and another two (2) to be used by wait staff controlling the area at the time – when one in use is low on battery the two (2) already on charge can then be used and swapped over.

The overall cost of purchasing an iPad (32gb, with WiFi and Cellular usage) would be approximately AU$2000+ for four (4). This cost will be an investment for the hotel as ultimately it would be helping the loss of revenue
The Old Wharf Restaurant already has an iPhone, which can take both Room Service calls and Restaurant calls, the phone is in control of the person stationed to those sections – higher management, however, knows the passcodes for it. Higher management could be less interactive with the iPads allowing wait staff to log on and only use the programming needed for ordering and payments. Wait staff who would be using the iPads should sign an agreement, clarifying that their use on the iPads is only for the particular programme used and needed – it can be monitored regularly by team leaders and managers.

Each of the one hundred and fourteen (114) rooms are equipped with iPads for guests, to make room service orders, research and use in general – the purchasing of four (4) new iPad/Tablets for the lounge would be beneficial and in no way be a liability, it would be an asset that helps continue revenue.

Mind Map:

mind map

This assessment has allowed me to furthermore acknowledge those I work with and allow myself to have a deeper understanding of my workplace.


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