ZAA102/ZAP103 – Assessment 3

For our final assessment for Term 2 under the unit ZAA102 (Supervising Diverse Teams), we were to create a Human Resource (HR) plan based on the business/organisation we had been concentrating on for the whole term in our groups. – We had to write a reflection on our experience of working as a group for the term. The reflection including learning and valuable moments as well as an action plan for future group tasks. Below is my reflection process for Assessment 3.

For term 2 I was placed in a group with the 2 following students: Will and Lisa. When we had our first briefing as a group it worked well as we sorted out Assessment 1 and decided how we were going to go forth with it, it was simple. Assessment 2 allowed us to work more of a group with more factors to take into consideration and finally, Assessment 3 was a challenge where communication became more important than before. 


At the beginning of the term as a group we established roles, Will took charge for the majority of the assessments as they were based on his workplace – Lisa and I were somewhat happy with that as it meant less work for the group overall as the majority of the documents came from Will’s workplace. However, personally, I felt that I didn’t play a strong role in the group for the assessments as I either didn’t have the expertise and experience or sections of the assessments were already completed.
When I could I participated and took some leverage off the other 2 participants.


What was positive about this experience is that I was in a group of people who knew exactly what they were doing and there were no difficulties between us (that I knew of) – due to the fact that we agreed on using Will’s workplace for our assessments it meant that the assignments were not challenging as it only meant we had to edit already made documents according to the assessment criteria’s given.


Our group was very well put together, we worked well with each other and our main communication was via email which was very helpful and all 3 of us participated in the exchange of emails and checked regularly. We each respected each other’s point of views for each assessment and helped each other as much as we possibly could. It was a positive experience working alongside Will and Lisa.


I learnt what it was like to work with students who are older than me by age and understanding their point of views and understandings. It was good to learn skills from them that I will continue using in the future such as workplace knowledge and simple workplace understandings.


Next time I will work on standing up for myself more and putting across my views and understandings, reassuring myself that I have taken part in a group activity and haven’t been in the background. I will do this by letting the group members know exactly what I want from this experience so they too can help.


email comm 23

Insert of an email sent – our main form of communication for the group.

ct 22
This was our chosen business/organisation for the term – Cricket Tasmania

Assessment 1 documents:
ZAA102 Assessment 1 – Job Advertisement
ZAA102 Assessment 1 – Position Description
Ebony Taylor ZAA102 Assessment 1 – Justification

Link here to the ZAP103 contribution of Assessment 1

Assessement 2 documents:
Ebony Taylor – ZAA102 – Assessment 2 – Report

Ebony Taylor - ZAA102 - Assessment 2 - Infographic
For assessment 2, we had to individually create an infographic based on a problem we personally faced during assessment 1 and 2, above is mine.

Assessment 3 documents:
CT HR Management Plan – ZAA102 Assessment 3


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