ZAA107/ZAP104 – Assessment 2

For the following assessment, we were to develop a draft set of questions for peers, teachers or guest speakers related to the usefulness of quality tools in business. I gathered as much information I could from those I work with.

  1. How do you ensure that quality is provided in your specific job?
    By allowing all the team members to understand my personal goal for that particular shift and setting tasks for everyone to reach those goals as well as their own personal goals. – Team Leader
  2. How does your organisation maintain quality?
    They maintain quality by great communication between managers, team leaders and staff. Allowing all those who are casual and full time to understand what is expected of them and giving them the tools and techniques to do so. – General Manager
  3. What techniques do you use to measure and control quality?
    Setting small goals to have higher achieving outcomes. If the team has a small goal of for example: make a guest smile, then they are more likely to reach it and feel better about themselves. Raising confidence and for the rest of their shift, they are producing great quality. – Team Leader


I also wanted to ask myself a quality based question of how I ensure quality is maintained during my shift.

  1. How do I ensure that I provide the best quality to the guests I serve?
    At the beginning of every shift, I set myself personality based goals such as: make a guest smile and make a team member smile. This makes me personally feel better when those around me are happy. Providing the best quality service to guests is about ensuring that I am happy and I am making them happy too. Our staff motto is “To make lifelong memories” and that sticks with me throughout my working day.

To me, quality is not just about the service I offer and how I do it, but if at the end of the shift I feel good and if those I work with feel good too. That’s why I keep working and that’s why I enjoy my job because I do not just base a successful day off how much money has been made but how happy everyone is.