ZAA107/ZAP 104 – Assessment 1

As part of ZAA107 Principles of Quality Management Assessment 1, we were required to enter a portfolio piece as part of ZAP104 incorporated in the unit.  The following questions and answers are based off my workplace and the relation to quality management within.

I work for MACq 01 Hotel which is under the Tourism Unit in Federal Group – I work logowithin Food and Beverage in the hotel’s restaurant The Old Wharf Restaurant and bar The Story Bar. 



Examine the organisational chart and report whether any role is partly responsible for quality management.

The roles that are responsible for quality management within the hotel are as followed:
General Manager for Tourism
General Manager for MACq 01 Hotel
As well as other managers for different sectors such as housekeeping, maintenance, reception etc.

For me personally within Food and Beverage:
Restaurant and Bar Manager
Team Leaders

All these mentioned roles play a significant role within the hotel ensuring that quality management is endured.

Discuss quality management with a manager (or higher level manager) within the organisation, and make notes of their responses.

Before the opening of the hotel, we were lucky enough to have the majority of the Tourism board and managers speak to the staff.
The following is what I took note from the General Manager of Tourism:
– Working with MACq 01 is about making lifelong memories, guests are always our priority and it is up to us to excel their needs.
– Working together as a team is important: helping those around you to ensure that procedures run smoothly.

In your role, consider how quality management could be incorporated and demonstrated.

Ensuring that guests of the hotel, restaurant or bar receive the best quality service and products.
I demonstrate this by going beyond and getting to know the guests, their background – this creates a sense of relationship.
When bringing their freshly made dishes straight from the kitchen I ensure that I follow the correct SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

MACq 01 Hotel is very dedicated to ensuring that guests receive the best quality services and products – Federal Group ensures that staff are also given the best quality training and management. fg-header

I am very fortunate to work for an organisation and business that cares about their employees and staff, creating better quality management.



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