ZAA102 Assessment 1 Part 2 – Academic and Career Learning Plans

In this following post, I will be exploring what my biggest motivators are, my interests, my personality, my personal career plan and my key work drives, personality and professional development for ZAA102 Assessment 1 Part 2

What are key motivators for you in terms of work?
In terms of work, my main motivator is doing anything that I enjoy and am happy with. Earning money is a nice add-on, however, if I am in a high-income earning career and do not enjoy what I do then I will not be motivated to continue on.

What do you find the most rewarding in the workplace?
I work in hospitality, so for me personally the most rewarding moment of my job is making a customer happy, seeing a smile on their face because of me. That could either be making a joke or tell them I like their jumper or jewellery or even just asking how they are, it still amazes me when I ask a simple question to a customer it can change their whole day for the better and that to me is very rewarding.  Along with this I also find customers who go out of their way to be nice to me or ask how I am doing – this too is also rewarding when a customer can go out of their way to do something so simple and kind.

I underwent an online test/quiz that gave me the results below based off of my interests and likes.

I found the top result interesting, as in Year Ten (10) I did five (5) days at my Primary School for work experience as a teaching assistant. I found the experience overwhelming and did not enjoy it. This could have been because I was naive at the time but now seeing that it is a career best suited to my interests I can see the idea of teaching from a different sense of mind. And the education and training does not necessarily mean that I have to be a teacher but it could stem to being a team leader in the workplace or educating people on my beliefs.


Here is a link the test/quiz

In a previous blog post, I had investigated my personal Myers – Briggs scoring. I did two (2) different tests and received two (2) different results. The first test I received the following score:
N Intuition
Percieving.                                                                                                                                                Screenshots
In the second test, I received this score:
I noted that they are different results and that I can relate to both results. It also depends on what situation I am in, where I am, and who I am with as to how my personality can be portrayed.


Career Plan

Current Roles

  • Work: Food and Beverage attendant at a hotel restaurant (casual)
  • School: undergraduate, full-time student at University College
  • Family: eldest child, a big sister to two (2) little sisters. (a sense of leadership)

Previous Occupation

  • Senior team member at Sweets and Treats (casual)

Educational Qualifications and General Qualifications

  • Tasmanian Certificate of Education
  • Certificate II in Tourism
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)
  • First Aid Certificate

Myer’s Briggs Typology

  • ENTP
  • INTJ

Employability Skills (Strengths)

  • Reliable
  • Good Listener
  • Empathetic
  • Professional

Professional Competencies (Strengths)

  • Customer Service
  • Problem – Solving
  • Team member and leader
  • Decision making

Employability Skills (To develop)                          profesh comp

  • High level of experience
  • Better oral communication (developing now)
  • Further IT knowledge
  • Relationship building with those of a different age group to me

Professional Competencies (To develop)

  • Change management
  • Legal knowledge
  • Workforce planning
  • Negotiating skills

University Study Skills (To develop)

  • Better written communication
  • Public speaking (i.e the ability to say exactly what I need to without ‘rambling’)
  • Prioritising assignments and module work

Educational and Career Goals (To Prioritise)

  • Starting MyLo modules earlier and more in-depth
  • Putting more concentration into unit assignments
  • Make more valuable relationships with those who are older and who have authority


Key Motivators at Work

  • Ensuring that consumers enjoy their time with the business
  • Having valuable relationships with those I work with – other staff my level and managers
  • Working in a sector that I enjoy and learning new skills

Most Rewarding Aspects at Work

My personal ‘most’ rewarding aspects would also be those aspects that motivate me at work.

Key Interests (or Passions)

  • Tourism and Travel
  • History
  • People – meeting different people

Linked is my Student Learning Plan (SLP):  Student Learning Plan – Ebony Taylor





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