Week 3 Module – ZAA102 – Term 2

In ZAA102 week 3 module, it was based on the Retention of Staff. Within the module we were asked to reflect and answer on two (2) questions:

Should Australia take Sweden’s approach to working 6 hours in a day rather than 8 – would that provoke productivity within the workplace?

My opinion is that I am very much for Sweden’s approach to working 6 hours a day, because, working a smaller amount would help employees prioritise what is most important in their working day. They could start their working days at later times such as 10:00 am or 11:00 am creating employees to have well rested nights and for parents/guardians to have opportunities to do school ‘drop-offs’. I believe that having shorter working days would be very beneficial for the employee’s health and productivity – it will give them all an opportunity to live a healthy work, life balance (mentioned within the module).

With today’s advanced technology is it necessary to have to ‘turn up’ to work or is it better to do it from home?

This really depends on the type of work the employee is doing, if it is dense group/team work it would be beneficial to go to a physical workplace to have the ability to meet as a team face-to-face. However, if the employee’s job was to work individually and undertake research, for example, working from home would not be a negative dilemma. It all depends on the employee’s job and what it includes.


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