Professional Competencies – ZAA102


Professional Competencies for Human Resources
1) Skills Analysis – Professional Competencies – What Did I Learn?

What competencies do I rate well on at the moment?
Customer service, attention to detail, decision making, oral communication, planning and evaluating, problem-solving, teamwork.

What competencies do I need to work on? (Please highlight relevant response)
Change management, negotiating skills, interpersonal skills, legal knowledge, project management, workforce planning.


2) Goals (around developing professional competencies in HR):

I want to focus on the following areas this term (in order 1-3 of priority):

1. Interpersonal Skills

2. Change Management

3. Legal Knowledge

To develop in these areas I will need to do the following:

1. Understand what I can and cannot do in this area and continue to work on these.

2. Take into account of those who are higher than me in the workplace such as managers and see how they go about doing this skill in the best and positive way.

3. Take my time to research on local websites such as Fair Work Australia, research into my position and the legal knowledge for that.


Image: Supervising Diverse Teams (Spark Adobe)


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