Assessment 3 – ZAA101

Business Report: 

Many people enjoy wine, those who do would help make up Australia’s wine consumers who as a country consumes over 530 million litres of wine annually. And as a country, we are the 4th largest wine exporter. So, it’s fair to say a lot of people enjoy wine and a lot of people help produce and sell wine.

Riversdale estate is a beautiful vineyard just outside of Richmond. It is home to 38 riversdale estate logohectares of vine plantations and is the largest vineyard in the Coal River Valley. Along with the vineyard, Riversdale Estate also has: their Cellar Doors – available is tour and tasting of their wines. Their French Bistro – a full French menu experience open Monday to Sunday between 12 pm and 3 pm. High Tea in one of the Riversdale Estate buildings, the first high tea round starts at 10.30am and the next at 2 pm. As well as the Peter Rabbit Garden which is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere based off the book Peter Rabbit’s Garden. Along with these, controlling and monitoring land and produce at this mass would not be easy – but it can be.

In the 21st century, there have been so many new and updated pieces of technology and not just mobile devices or computers but technology created that has helped the agricultural industry do so much better than ever before. Along with this is the growth of technology towards vineyards. Here is the following introduction of 2 emerging technologies that will help the Riversdale Estate grow and rise up to the potential it has.

The majority of the population have been introduced to drones, they are a remote controlled aircraft or commonly known as the acronym UAV: unmanned aerial vehicle. They are delivered in different sizes: some the size of a dinner plate or some the size of drones.jpgan A5 notebook and are priced from AU$30 and some to AU$10,000 depending on the brands and features. These Drones or UAV’s are a great help to vineyards, in the sense that you can be stationed in the main building of the property and either programme or remote control the small aircraft, to look over the vineyard plantations without having to monitor manually. This not only helps you see the plantations in the same time but also, saves the time and money on looking over the plantations in a helicopter or in person. Having the availability of a drone helps Riversdale Estate in the sense that the possibility of seeing any issues within the vineyards can be solved in a timely manner, possibly resulting in a better harvest and having more availability of the product compared to local competition. Investing in drones will help the business in a sense that it will be a well worth asset rather than a liability.

vinerobotThe next piece of technology to introduce is Vinerobot, it is an emerging technology that was invented recently in 2013 from a makeup of 3 universities and five companies each agricultural and robotic based from Spain, France, Italy and Germany – Vinerobot was invented specifically for vineyards. This piece of machinery measures grape yield, vegetation growth, water status and grape composition. The tiny robot is programmed to go through different vines and sections and measure the functions mentioned. However, the robot is still under prototyping and is not currently available for purchase but once it is it will be very successful towards the vineyard industry, allowing Riversdale Estate to be more ahead of their competition than ever, due to this new emerging piece of technology. This technology will help monitor the vineyard plantations without the need of human monitoring – the possibility of being in the main office or travelling to a different location or even hold a meeting while the vine robot is working away. This will help make an effective working day and will help the overall growth of the vineyards and production for the estate.

In conclusion when these emerging technologies are adapted into Riversdale Estate or at least one it will help the growth of vineyard plantations and the business – if these pieces of technology are not adapted well before competition Riversdale Estate will not have the potential to be better, as the business is in Tasmania a somewhat excluded state of the country, technology this new is not always accepted at first this could be the leading problem with Riversdale Estate. Riversdale Estate is not the only vineyard in the area. The most popular would be Moorilla vineyard which is in fact run by MONA. This vineyard is a large competition as MONA itself brings in many locals and tourists from around the world that Moorilla vineyard would be another location to visit – they could very much potentially adapt the emerging technologies such as UAV’s and the vinerobot before Riversdale Estate causing the estate to gain up to Moorilla value. Adapting these pieces of technology would be beneficial competition wise.

As a summary, UAV’s or better known as drones would help oversee the plantations in real time at any time from a better and somewhat cheaper view. Vinerobot will be a great addition to adapt within the estate to not only help the plantation grow but live updates on the plant and the success of the plant. Overall helping the growth in the production of wine – helping move Australia to the largest wine exporter.

Feedback Sheets:

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A copy of the feedback sheet: Pitch Feedback Form

Original Pitch/Speech:

original speech


Reflection for assessment and overall unit ZAA101 in Term 1:

Undergoing this assessment within this unit was very interesting and I enjoyed it. For completion of the pitch I took the time to research the location and understand what I was going to present – to present it in pitch form I wrote it as if it were a speech and put any words in bold that I wanted to emphasise when speaking.

When doing the pitch and presenting it to 2 other students I felt nervous at the beginning, however, as I had created a friendship with these students prior to the presentation I began feeling more comfortable. I did not supply as much eye contact as I could have and continued looking at my paper with the pre-written speech, this was noted within the feedback and I will able to work on this skill for the next occasion that arises. I will do this by summarising the pre-written script and referring to it briefly throughout or only using dot points written down prior, to then continue a pitch on ‘the top of my head’.

I had researched the location/topic of my pitch, however, I had not completed it as thoroughly as I could have and one of the mature aged students were quite confused as to what I had presented and I took this on board from her feedback. I then edited the pitch/report to include more information and benefits about the pieces of technology. Next time I will make sure I add in all necessary information I can to make the pitch clearer for all audiences listening.

I have learnt from this assignment to display eye contact to those I am presenting to, as well as research the topic more thoroughly so I can speak without referring to a sheet and be able to give as much clear information as possible to my audience.

Overall unit ZAA101 in Term 1:

I found this unit rather interesting and learnt new skills such as undergoing a pitch and writing business based reports. However as I have recently completed Year 12 I underwent a Business Studies subject within that and the unit ZAA101 seemed like a repeat from the year before – nevertheless, I certainly learnt more information on technology and how something so simple can affect workplace environment and the people within them.

I will continue to use these newly learnt skills in further units in the next 2 years to come.

Research and Further Reading Links: – Riversdale Estate – Horticulture Week, Emerging Technologies revolutionise vineyards – Vinerobot – General Information on Australian Wine Consumption – The Telegraph, Revealed: The countries that quaff the most wine per capita


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