Indivdual Learning Plan


Arrival Individual Learning Plan
1) Self-Reflection

What lessons have I learnt from my journey to Associate degree study’s? i.e. Personal, career and academic successes and challenges
As of week 6: I have learnt about the emerging technologies and how to prepare for the future technology wise. I have learnt about personal and professional communication. I have also learnt in the ZAP modules about my learning styles and what values and attributes I have and what I will need to work on for the workplace.

What are my reasons for enrolling in the Associate Degree Program? In other words, what are the key motivating factors behind why I am studying this course?
I finished year 12 last year and I wasn’t prepared to start a Bachelor course just yet, after researching the Associate Degree in Applied Business online, I liked the content and the 2 years of study attracted me.


What am I good at and what could I improve upon? i.e. academic, work and social activities (keep in mind the key skills and attributes of an effective learner)
I am good at self-motivation and learning alone as well as in groups.

I can improve on expanding my social skills and getting to know more people. I can also improve on starting studying/homework/assessments earlier so I am not rushing them days before.

2) Targets I.E. These are your personal learning goals – these may be unlimited

By the end of Term 1 I want to have achieved:

1. Made more relationships within my units

2. Start studying/homework/assessments earlier than I have been

3. Take more initiative into what I am learning and plan ahead, complete modules once they have been released and research more on topics to expand my knowledge.

By the end of my programme I want to have achieved:

1. Passing all units and getting CR, DN or HD marks

2. Build more relationships with my teachers and peers

3. Motivate myself more into studying and completing work earlier rather than later.

To be successful in both of the above I will need to:

1. Show more initiative – go above and beyond

2. Self-motivate myself and communicate to my peers and teachers

3. Step out of my comfort zone – we are all adults


inspo working hard


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