Assessment 2 Submission 3 – ZAA101

Attached: Assessment 2 Submission 2 – Ebony Taylor

What did I actually achieve with this piece of work?
Which was the most difficult part, and why were they difficult for me?
Which were the most straightforward parts, and why did I find these easy?

 The most difficult part for me personally was trying to stay within the word limit which was a maximum of 500 words. Along with this difficulty was to be considerate of what I am writing about in the discussion paper – to be concise and clear.

The straightforward parts were researching – whether it be the research on the influences or emerging technology, once I had a clear idea of what I was writing about the discovery of the information was straight forward.

How well do I think I achieved the intended learning outcomes for this assignment?
Where could I have improved my achievement?

Why didn’t I improve it at the time?
 I believe I did well, I put in my research and time and took the time to understand clearly what I was doing and going to write. 

 I could very much improve on writing short and concise and straight to the point rather than write in drastic detail. Next time that is something I will look out to work on.

What have I got out of doing this assignment?
How have I developed my knowledge and skills?
How do I see the payoff from doing this assignment helping me in the longer term?
 I have achieved knowledge in writing a discussion paper and how to be aware of what I am saying and in what detail. I also developed knowledge in what I researched for submission 2 – Apple Pay.

The industry professional panel from the WIL workshop helped me understand much more about emerging technologies and the effect it has on businesses and consumers.

I believe this assessment in the long term will help me understand how to write and publish short pieces that are still very informative.

What else have I got out of doing this assignment?
Have I developed other skills and knowledge, which may be useful elsewhere at another time?
If so, what are my emergent learning outcomes from doing this assignment?
 This assessment also helped me to understand the different variations of industries affected in positive or negative ways by different variations of emerging technology.

I am now more knowledgeable on understanding to a deeper value as well as the different writing varieties.

What was the best thing I did? Why? How do I know?
What worked least well for me? Why did this not work well for me?
 The best thing I believe I did in submission 2 was get my point/aim across. I wrote and edited important points. I proofread myself and I shared with another student in this unit and they helped me adjust anything I needed too.

The word count did not work in my favour, I would have appreciated if the maximum was at least 700 words instead of 500. However with editing and proofreading, I got to under, I just had to take out sentences and paragraphs that I believed were useful.

Do I feel that my time on this assignment has been well spent? If not, how could I have used my time more sensibly?
Which parts of the assignment represented the time best spent?
Which parts could be thought of as time wasted?
 I believe I spent good valuable time on this assessment, I spent approximately 2 hours researching and approximately 5-6 hours brainstorming, creating, typing and proofreading. However, if I were to do it again I would have started earlier so I was not finishing the day before due date.

I believe the emerging technologies part in submission 2 was well spent as that is the core I believe, of my assessment and I spent the majority of the time researching.

I don’t believe any parts of the overall assessment was wasted time, I spent valuable time on it, more spent than other parts.

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