Assessment 2 Part B – ZAA105

Part A of this assessment was very interesting and I enjoyed undergoing it. I had my sister help contribute towards it.

I learnt that the effect I have as a listener shows onto the person who is talking. Because I was active listening and doing the 3 techniques I had learnt prior: paraphrasing, clarifying and reflective statements. The conversations I had after part A were very positive.communication

I was good at paraphrasing and using reflective statements, the people I listened to, I used these 2 factors almost every time and it had a positive effect for both parties. I need to learn to do more clarifying statements as it could make an even better conversation experience. I will do this by consciously trying.

My targets/ goals for this particular activity are to continue using these techniques in conversations I have with friends, family, customers and colleagues.

I have developed confidence in myself and particularly my confidence in the conversations I have. I have also achieved great knowledge in conversations and what it means to be an active listener and the effects it has.

I will need to work on concentrating more on what I say and think before I speak, otherwise I will come across as confusing. As well as speaking more louder and clearer and not being afraid to speak.

I will improve thinking before I speak by collecting an order of what I want to say, why and the effect it will have. I have to make sure I have a clear idea of what I am talking about and what the conversation is about. I would like to achieve this by the end of the term and I will work on this ASAP.

I will improve speaking louder by not being afraid of what people around me may think. To speak clearer I will in a way over pronounce words so in my mind I feel like I am over pronouncing. When it actual fact it is coming across a lot clearer to those listening, a mind over matter issue. I would also like to achieve this by the end of the term and I will work on this ASAP.


I believe by the end of the term this unit will overall help me not only be a great active listener but how to be a good and positive conversationalist and this will help me become a very confident person overall.

After the conversation I had my sister complete a questionnaire I had created prior to the conversation and this gave me an idea of what I did best.

table 3


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