Module 4 – ZAP101 – Term 1

Before starting this module I had a rough idea of what my learning style was, from previous experience in schooling. I know that I am a visual learner, and rely on pictures and imagination to help me through working and ideas. I also rely on listening to people rather than reading a text, as I am able to remember what someone said over what I read in a textbook.  Going through this module was very interesting and I learnt a lot about myself, which I hope to use to my advantage.

The Kolb learning theory was mentioned within the module, the cycle was developed by Kolb (David Kolb an American educational theorist) in 1984 and is a basic cycle about the reflective practice. The cycle begins with a concrete experience leading into the reflective observation to abstract conceptualisation then to active experimentation all as shown in the cycle below. I personally find it rather interesting and I will hope to continue to use it in further reflections.




There were links within the module (part 1) that allowed us to take short questionnaires that then provided us with our recommended preferred learning styles. I undertook The Vark Questionnaire which led me to the following results:

Visual 7
Aural 2
Read/Write 3
Kinesthetic 6 (learning through touch and movement aka ‘doing’)  visual

I can relate very much to these results as the 2 highest scores are placed next to visual and kinesthetic. I am very much a ‘doer’ and learn by going out and figuring out my steps as I go, rather than reading a manual. For example, I would be better at building a flat pack furniture by figuring it all out seeing what parts match what and relying on pictures, rather than reading the manual, in saying this I do not believe I have ever read a manual. Along with this kinesthetic learning is visual, I mainly rely my learning on seeing. By this I mean I will take into account what the teacher has drawn on the whiteboard and what diagrams are placed in front of me rather than reading a text/book.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • I can express easily what I want and be able to do it rather than stressing over words to say or type.
  • I am better at describing maps for example and drawing them out because I rely so much on visual
  • People around me may find it difficult that I will not be able to do a simple task that was written and it will become frustrating for both parties.
  • It will help me understand what I am learning better and with technology being a big part of the Associate Degree I am able to visually learn rather than learn via textbook compared to what students did only 10 years ago.
  • Texts and textbooks will be harder to work with and will raise difficulty personally because I will struggle with learning as it is not my preferred.
  • I will not necessarily be an easy student to cater to as I will require more visual and ‘doing’ to learn.

In part 2 of the module, I then completed a test that was free and similar to the Myer-Briggs test. The test I undertook was the Kisa personality test. The results I gained from this test were:
N Intuition
This means that I am: inventive, enthusiastic, strategic, enterprising, inquisitive, versatile. I also enjoy new ideas/changes and value inspiration.I would like to think I am all of these aspects, however, being an extrovert surprised me as I would describe myself more of an introvert or possibly even a bit of both: an ambivert.

intro extra

The next personality test I completed was the Excel test attached as resources to the weekly module on MyLo. After completing the test, my results were:
This means that I am: innovative, independent, strategic, logical, reserved, insightful. I also am driven by my own ideas to achieve improvement. I also liked these results, however, they were quite opposite to the first test I had taken.

Taking into account my results from both tests I am rather pleased, in a way I have the ‘best of both worlds’, and I do not see one test as wrong or incorrect but rather another suggestion. I will take on both results and this will hopefully help me overall in my reflections as well as greater progression in student and professional life.


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