Module 3 – ZAP101 – Term 1

In module 3, the focus was mainly critical thinking, focusing on conversations as well as our personality skills and strengths related to personal and educational life.

What is critical thinking to me? – it is the process of gaining information and thinking it through, strategically, analytically and through assessing.

Critical thinking according to the module: critical thinking.png

  • Interpreting: understanding the significance of data and to clarify its meaning.
  • Analysing: breaking information down and combining it in different ways
  • Reasoning: creating an argument through logical steps
  • Evaluating: judging the worth, credibility or strength of accounts.


Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of a recent conversation towards me:

Situation: my sister was telling me how excited she is for an upcoming family cruise

Who said it: my sister.
What did she say: how excited she is for an upcoming family cruise, the details of it, what she is going to pack.
Where did she say it: when we were chatting in her bedroom.
When did she say it: at night time after I had gotten back from a tutorial and we were catching up on each others day and helping with an assessment.
Why did she say it: as part of us catching up and helping with an assessment for ZAA105.
How did she say it: clearly and ecstatically, in a joyful tone.


My skills and strengths:
Personally – I am caring, a good listener and talker, good communicator, thoughtful.
Professionally – I am stern, clear, thoughtful and respectful.


Activity 1 Reflection: This activity was based on study skills, taking the quiz, I found that a lot of these skills I did not need any assistance with. I finished Year 12 last year so nearly all skills are still ‘fresh in my mind’ compared to a mature student who has not been in an education setting for quite a while.
Term 1 and 2 goals  for me personally for study skills would be to:


  • Pay more attention to what I am reading instead of getting distracted or simply reading and not taking in any of what it is into account
  • To communicate more to fellow students and teachers when I have an issue instead of ignoring it. Doing this could help me become a better student and learn from any mistakes. As well as speaking clearly and loudly.


Activity 2 Reflection: This activity was based on essential skills, for both professional and educational life. This included; ability to search information, understanding basic IT as well as using effective oral communication.
Term 1 and 2 goals for my communication towards personal, professional and educational aspects would be to:

  • Use effective oral communication towards peers and teachers, make sure what I am saying is a positive effect and is heard and taken aboard.
  • Staying open minded and working with others effectively


Activity 3 Reflection: This activity was a quick IT quiz, questions based on my personal skills with IT and technology and the effects it has on me. My results were interesting as I spend many hours of my day using modern technology and compared to friends and family I have very high technology skills, however, the results showed otherwise.

tech chart


Activity 4 Reflection: This activity was based on communication such as verbal and communication skills. This includes reading body language and my own body language. During the activity, I noticed my communication skills are not the best, however, before I started my casual job my communication was very poor and this term I am in the Professional Communication ZAA105 unit which as helped me grow communication wise.
Term 1 and 2 goals for me personally for communication would be to:communication

  • Concentrate more on my body language and how I come across to people
  • More eye contact with those I talk to
  • Speaking clearer and less mumbling
  • Maintaining and being open minded in conversations.


Activity 5 Reflection: This activity was based on graduate attributes such as the skills and qualities that University College agrees students should succeed in towards graduation. I found that many of the criteria’s I was well developed in and I base that on finishing year 12 last year and still having a fresh and modern understanding of the education system.
Term 1 and 2 goals for me to work towards succeeding the audit towards graduation are:

  • Excelling communication, being open to talking to fellow peers/ students and teachers. Not being afraid to simply ‘speak-up’.
  • Being more open minded towards discussions and allowing critical thinking to become a big part of my communication and how I generally think (especially professionally)


Activity 6 Reflection: This activity was based on employability skills, such as knowledge and understandings and being able to develop and demonstrate these. My skill set is positive, with that has come hard work. I understand and appreciate the average modern business and I am able to work independently and within a team to create more brain power.
Term 1 and 2 goals for myself to succeed in the workplace would be:

  • Reflect more on my own personal work and be open to failure, as it will help me succeed in the future.
  • To concentrate more on the ability to identify issues/ problems and create a positive ending solution, doing both independently without stress and working as a team.


I found this module very interesting and it will be great to look back at the end of each term and the end of the year and see how much knowledge I have gained both personally and professionally.

inspo working hard.jpg





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