Assessment 1 Part B – ZAA101

My name is Ebony Lillian Taylor hence my blog being named Ebony L. Taylor. I am eighteen years old and finished year 12 last year completing my TCE studies from St Mary’s Catholic College. This year I am studying the Associate Degree in Applied Business at University College. I started my first casual job at logoSweets and Treats, Richmond, in April of 2015 and it is still my current job. Over the near 2 years, I have worked my way up from junior role, to staff training through to senior. My senior role entails retail sales, customer service and enquiries, management of junior staff members, handling of money reconciliation of cash registers, barista, daily open and close procedure and knowledge of local tourism for tourist information and enquiries. I have always been interested in tourism which my job mainly entails along with hospitality and I also completed a Certificate II in Tourism last year. I believe tourism is an amazing industry to get involved in especially within Tasmania. I would eventually like to work with Tourism Australia in international countries, creating marketing and ‘selling’ the country. Tourism to me is about connecting and bringing different people around the aus-logoworld together to experience another part of the world they have not yet experienced. It is a career goal for me to move from my current job to a career that is best suited to me personally and that I am interested in.
My current job would be under ‘the doers’sector as I work in hospitality/ customer sales. The sort of technology that would be needed for this industry that would be beneficial; is translating devices. Mymanu CLIK is a translating earbud device that can detect over 37 languages. This kind of technology would not only be beneficial for the industry as a whole but also beneficial for Tasmania as we have numerous international tourists visit the state each year, many with English that is not their first spoken language. These earbuds will help employees deliver the best customer service as well as ensure that the tourist consumers are understood appropriately.
Mymanu CLIK  introduction videoclik-pic

I personally found part a of this assessment very interesting and I learnt a lot from the article: Super Connect Jobs – Understanding Australia’s Future Workforce learning about the 5 different sectors: the caregivers, the technocrats, the specialist professionals, the doers and the creatives which was very fascinating. As well as getting to understand the different career pathways within these sectors and why they are important for the future was also very interesting. I concentrated on teaching under the specialist professionals in part a and the technology needed and why it would be beneficial to Tasmania due to the state’s low education rates.

Overall this was a very positive experience for me doing this assessment, I learnt new information about not only my sector but about all sectors as a whole and how it will affect the Australian future and economy.


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