Assessment 1 Part B – ZAA105

Doing assignment 1 part A for ZAA105 was very interesting. I found it interesting because of two important points. The first point being that I found it intriguing watching three very different videos and observing them to then write out my perception on them. All three videos were different in the sense that each person speaking had very different ideas and deliveries in their speeches and actions. The second point about what I found interesting in part A, was then seeing everybody else’s perceptions of the three videos as well as the comments they left on my post and others. I found this interesting because I was able to see also how other people viewed the videos compared to me and then seeing what they had picked up from other people’s posts.

During the process of part A, I felt like all of us students were part of a team working individually and helping each other to grow academically. It was a good experience to see the different comments and posts as it opened my mind to different views and not just my own.

The commenting on other people’s posts and seeing everyone’s different views went well as it opened my mind and I’m sure everyone else’s.

In the future, I am prepared and should be prepared to have a more open mind around issues and assignments like this. I wasn’t able to see different views aside from my own until I read other students posts and comments.

Overall it was very interesting and a major learning moment for me as I went from being close minded on these videos to very open minded.


My personal post on MyLo Assignment 1 Part A and 2 of 4 student comments.


notebookMy personal notes in my notebook after watching the videos several times, I then used these notes and composed them on a Word file.


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