About Ebony L. Taylor

Hi There,

Here is a little bit about me:
I was born in Launceston and I spent my early childhood to pre-teen growing up in farming areas, starting in Swansea and moving to Longford and down to Oatlands. I loved growing up in the countryside because it allowed me to use my imagination: tall grass in paddocks became a jungle or recreation of ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ movie. Being on 4 wheel motorbikes became an imaginary motocross race. Heading on the hour journey to Hobart was always exciting.
I live a very privileged life and have travelled overseas several times with my family, Los Angeles is one great city and Auckland feels just like home.
I completed Year 12 and my TCE studies at St Mary’s College Hobart in 2016, along with this I completed a Certificate II in Tourism.

My plan after I finish the Associate Degree (in Applied Business) is to continue working in hospitality (my current sector) and work my way up through different roles and ranks. I would enjoy travelling and seeing more of the world, to expand my knowledge that a university education can not give me. If I love what I do, that is all that will matter.

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